Top frequently asked questions about tiling as a flooring option

It is not everybody who happens to know it all about tiles. There is so much information to be taken in about tiles and the tiling process. For this reason, there are bound to be lots of questions regarding the topic. It is always advisable to ask questions on things that don't add up or appear to be confusing because it is the only way to find the correct information. If you choose to stay uninformed, the more likely you are to make the wrong choices. About tiling, this guide has listed several frequently asked questions about the topic. Tiling FAQs These are some of the commonly asked questions about tiling: • Why are ceramic tiles the most preferred flooring option? Ceramic tiles are not only easy to clean, but they are also durable and water resistance. Ceramic tiles are also suitable for installation almost anywhere. Those are just but a few advantages of using ceramic tiling. • Which areas are tiling applicable? Tiling is applicable in several places around the house and the outside such as Swimming pools, inside the house living room, kitchen countertops, bathroom floor and walls, porches, patios etc. Each place has a suitable type of tile to be used. • How are tiles maintained or cleaned? Tiles are not hard to clean or maintain since sweeping and vacuuming is enough. They don’t attract too much dirt as long as you restrict entering the house with dusty or soiled shoes. Placing a rug or mat for trapping dust as people make their way into the house can help reduce the amount of dirt making their way on the tiles. • What types of tiles am I likely to find in the market? The market is flooded with all types of tiles from Timber Look Tiles , ceramic, marble, porcelain, slate, stone, concrete and many more.

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