Innovator Josh Team Offers a Way to Walk the Line

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If you are a follower of tech news then you have surely heard about the story of inventor Josh Team KW. In 2021, the internet was ablaze with news stories about the inventor and his efforts to launch a wireless internet access point from his home. The end result of this work is a system that allows users in remote areas to have internet access. So, what does this mean for the rest of us? Well, it means we now know that it is possible to install the network on empty fields. It also means that someone without the skills or equipment to do it can do it. And, this is just one of the applications that such a system can be put to. Here's another. Imagine if you will, an internet enabled lawn sprinkler system. How would that make life easier? There would be no more digging up the grass or the constant pressure of pulling it out. Instead, simply open up the sprinkler heads and let the water shoots through the garden. No more lawnmowers! Such a system could, however, be limited by the place you live in. In the vast majority of suburban communities today, the only truly wireless setting is inside the house. You either have a wireless router (that has its own set of wires) or an internal wireless router (that acts as a gateway for all of the computers in the household). Inside the home you have a bunch of wires connecting various components together. And, of course, there are walls and a floor to run cables along. All said and done, the final result is still not a wireless internet system. It does allow access to some of the internet but not the underlying wireless. For example, it would not be able to give you access to YouTube. But, it could let you access email and the like. This is just one example of how this system can be limited by location. If you want to have a completely hands-free device, that lets you do everything hands-free, then the device has to be located within walking distance. Otherwise, the whole innovation process ceases to be truly mobile. With the iControl over Wireless innovation concept however, this limitation is removed. The system allows you to go wireless and have everything automatically connected. The device does not even need to be in line of sight. All it needs is a power supply and some batteries. When you purchase the iControl over Wireless system, you'll also get iControl software that you install on your computer. This software gives you total control over your wireless device. You can change configurations, add or remove networks and connect other people's devices. The iControl software also lets you browse through all the available networks. With iControl over Wireless you don't have to worry about cables and walls anymore. You don't even have to move from one room to another to place your wireless router. What you need is simply a laptop and internet connection and you're all set!

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