How to Sell or Trade In Your Phone

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When planning to buy a new phone, don’t trash or forget the older one, as you can earn some money by selling or trading it in. If you want to upgrade to the latest mobile phone, and have a mobile from the past few years, this can be really exciting and fun to buy the new one. When you’re going to buy a new phone, you should sell the older one, as there is no usage for it now. There are many services that’ll provide you with this service, here are some of the best ones.
Swappa Swappa operates just like ebay, but with better communication methods, less seller fees, and improved quality of devices listed on their site. You won’t be able to sell your phone here unless it’s in good shape, and have no signs of damage. So, if your phone seems to be in a good enough condition, and you’re willing to spend some time on swappa, it is really the best site that’ll give you the most value for your mobile. To make a listing on swappa, remove any cases from the phone, and try to take good pictures. Be honest about its condition, and add the shipping price in your asking price. Decluttr Decluttr is a goo alternative to swappa especially if you don’t want to spend the time that swappa requires. They will give you the money really soon, but it might be a but lesser than you’ll ask for. They’ll simply ask you some questions regarding the overall conditions and specs of your phone. After getting all the answers, they’ll make an offer. You can ship them your phone for further inspection, they might give you a revised offer after inspecting, but you still can decline their offer to get the phone back free of cost. Follow this guide to prepare your phone for a trade in, of you’re going to do that.

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How to Sell or Trade In Your Phone

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