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The emergence of COVID-19 has several impacts on security and human health. Among the major adversities caused by COVID-19, the excessive usage of the internet and online games is notable. Internet gambling and risks associated with it increased to 5.8% among the total population. In this article, online gaming and some serious impacts related to it are discussed. Overcoming gambling addictions The number of Online football betting (พนันบอลออนไลน์) has been increasing promptly, and many people are affected worldwide. Here are a few suggestions to overcome the addiction. 1. Seek help from people you believe Open up your problems and challenges due to internet gambling to a trusted friend. Though it may seem difficult to express it initially, your friend might be able to understand the depth of the issue since you exhibit strange behaviours like lack of social interactions after getting into gambling. 2. Take a break from managing your finances There is an enormous chance of financial loss while you engage in gambling. It's necessary to select a trustworthy person to manage all your finances until you are out becauseof this addiction completely. Managing debt caused due to prior losses is also essential. 3. Find an alternative Invest in some effective hobbies to withdraw from gambling interests. Though it may be risky to stop this pattern instantly, it's vital to realize that a gambling session earns you a lot of money and helps solve your monetary crisis. Due to the handy access to online playing sites, internet gambling can be even more addictive than regular gambling.By acknowledging the risk factors associated with gambling online, one can manage the risks better and overcome gambling addiction or even stop online betting completely.

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