What are the additional costs of purchase in Dubai?

When people decide to make investments in Dubai real estate, they often ignore the additional costs that they have to pay with the purchase price. Therefore, they end up in messing up their transaction because of the wrong estimates about the costs involved in the purchase of property in Properties for Sale (عقارات للبيع). Even the purchase price differs in different areas and you should be clear about the specific area in which you are making the investment because there are very high rates in different areas and for investment purposes such an area is not a great option. However, if you have decided to live in these areas and you have finances, always opt for the best areas that are near to your workplace. Additional costs that you might have to bear: Following is a list of possible costs that you might have to pay in order to execute a complete transaction of property purchase or sale. • Value of the property • Registration of property cost • Mortgage registration fee, if applicable • Loan charges, if applicable • Service and maintenance fees • Insurance charges • Real estate charges and commissions • Legal charges • Lawyers fee These charges and fees are not applicable on all but most of these costs would be charged to a normal transaction. If you want to estimate the proper overall cost of your transaction you can do so on good real estate sites which give you the final price inclusive of all the charges and excluding them too, to make a proper decision. When you are looking for عقارات للبيع في دبي you should contact a good real estate agent in this regard to make sure that you are not deceived in the name of extra charges. You should know all the related cost beforehand and before making the final payment.

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